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Small Business Phone Solutions

A Phone System That Suits Your Small Business

To create an operational and successful business, you need an internet connection and a phone system so you can engage with your customers. Portland Broadband specializes in small business phone solutions and can provide you with both an internet connection and a phone system that suit your exact needs. For some businesses, it is best to establish an elaborate system to take advantage of many great features. Of course, for smaller businesses, this may be an unnecessary expense.

At Portland Broadband, we want you to make the most informed decision possible and find the right level of service for your unique situation. After all, no two businesses are the same, so it makes sense that your phone system should be unique to your company specifically.

Phone Systems for Small Businesses

A nimble and simpler VoIP phone system is usually the best option for small businesses. A VoIP phone, or Voice Over IP phone, eliminates the need for phone hardware. It simply uses your business’s computers to make and receive calls. Because there is no need for hardware or equipment, it lowers the cost of setting this system up, effectively removing the overhead. Additionally, the installation process is simple and quick, and it does not require expensive wiring or laying new cable. Keep in mind that you will need a high-speed internet connection to take advantage of a VoIP small business phone system. Portland Broadband can help you set up your internet connection as well if you would like to group our services together.

Small Business Phone Features

Even if a simple VoIP phone setup suits your business best, that does not mean you cannot take advantage of a wide range of different great features. These can make your job easier or more convenient, help you engage and interact with your customers more effectively, and even manage your employees. As with every service Portland Broadband offers, the specific set of features we provide you depends on what you actually want to take advantage of. Allow us to customize your phone system to your unique needs. These are some of the most common features businesses take advantage of:

  • Simultaneous Ring – This simple feature is useful if you want to have multiple phones set up at once. When a call comes in, all the different phone setups ring simultaneously, and all of them stop at the exact same time if one of the phones picks up the call.
  • Mobile Access – Get information or access from mobile sources, including your email, tablet, or mobile device.
  • Virtual Receptionist – We can set up an IVS, or interactive voice response, to handle incoming calls when you are unable to. This can gather information from and provide information to customers when you are busy or closed.

At Portland Broadband, we set your specific needs and desires as our priority. These are just a few of the features we can provide for your business, so get in touch to learn more and get a full list. We are always happy to answer your questions; give us a call today at 503-465-4590.