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Fiber Circuits In Portland

The Best Internet Connection Possible

In the modern world of business, you cannot operate nearly any kind of small business without a stable and reliable internet connection. Of course, every business’s needs are different. Some businesses may need a fast upload and download speed, and any outages at all cost them greatly. Other businesses simply need a standard connection, and paying for anything more is a waste of money.

At Portland Broadband, we specialize in providing you with the internet connection that suits your business specifically. Moreover, we offer a wide range of connections varying in speed and want you to understand what your needs are so you do not pay more than necessary. Learn the differences between fiber circuits and a standard connection to discover if fiber circuits in Portland is right for your business.

The Benefits of Fiber

Simply put, choosing the fiber option for your circuits is the best option for the price. There is no question about the impressive speeds, stability, and consistency of fiber. Most internet connections focus on download speed primarily, because this is what most businesses and individuals use the majority of the time while on the internet. As a result, the upload speed is usually much lower. The only problem is when your business requires a fast upload speed as well, such as software organizations. Choosing fiber for your circuits guarantees that your upload and download speeds are synchronous.

However, the biggest benefit of fiber circuits is the dedicated construction. This means you have a direct connection, rather than sharing your connection with other nearby businesses. The result is a much faster connection and much less downtime. In fact, when you choose fiber, you should expect an average of only a single hour of downtime per year.

Fiber offers a huge range of impressive benefits:

  • SLA for service restoration
  • Synchronous download and upload speeds
  • Improved upload speeds up to 1G
  • Dedicated construction
  • Much higher download speeds
  • Increased reliability and stability

As you can see, there are many ways in which fiber is the superior connection type. However, this is not a guarantee that it is the best choice for your business. The fact of the matter is that not everyone needs such an impressive connection. To make the right choice, you need to understand the disadvantages right alongside the advantages.

The Disadvantages of Fiber

Choosing fiber does provide you with the best internet connection possible, but it comes at a cost. On average, installing a fiber connection will be 4 to 10 times as expensive as a standard connection. This may be worth it for your business, or it may not be. Additionally, the time it takes to install can be increased by as much as a few months, depending on your location. Finally, fiber requires a contract and is unavailable in some rural areas.

Choose the Best Connection for You

Whether you decide you need the best circuits available or a standard connection will get the job done, turn to Portland Broadband. Give us a call at 503-465-4590 to learn more and get the process started.