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The cloud has become an almost unavoidable part of the business world. It is a catchall term used to describe the software and services that you can interact with remotely over the internet rather than running locally on your computer. This trend, while helpful for many businesses, has redefined the way many organizations operate.

If your company uses software that you access through a browser and/or for which the provider hosts data or functionality, you are using the cloud. Everything from email to file storage to customer relationship management can and does run on the cloud. So, if your business is like many others, your business broadband needs to accommodate using the cloud.

The Cloud and Modern Business

Cloud computing’s impact on modern business broadband needs is a function of its impact on how businesses operate. In the past, all software ran either locally on your computer or on servers owned by your company. This has changed. The cloud allows providers to offer hosted software solutions.

Perhaps the most significant upshot of this is that more businesses can access more software at a manageable cost. No longer do you need to own servers and hire an IT staff to maintain your technology. Instead, you can allow your cloud providers to do it for you. So, an increasing number of common business functions are running on cloud-based software.

Additionally, many businesses are able to be more productive than ever before. One of the key benefits of cloud computing is that your data is available anywhere. This is great for collaboration.

  • Better team communication tools
  • Easier file sharing
  • Simple remote access to company systems
  • Option for working on mobile devices

The cloud is a powerful tool for all businesses. However, its impact is most noticeable for small businesses and startup companies. For example, a new technology business can easily set up its software infrastructure on cloud servers. It can then deliver its products to customers quickly and easily. Small teams are achieving more than they ever have been able to before.

Impact on Internet Connectivity Requirements

Of course, having more solutions running on the cloud means that businesses need to connect to the cloud more often. If a large portion of your team needs to connect to internet-based technology throughout the day, your broadband internet service requirements are naturally going to be higher than they otherwise might be.

  • Increased overall data usage
  • Higher bandwidth usage during peak hours
  • Increased quantity and size of file uploads
  • Greater need for a dedicated connection
  • Higher emphasis placed on maintaining uptime
  • More need for rapid and effective support from a broadband provider

The cloud has caused business broadband to become a top-tier utility for nearly every modern company. This is especially true for software companies and other high-demand organizations.

The Cost of Inadequate Broadband

Less-than-ideal broadband internet services can have a significant cost for your business. The more cloud computing your team does, the more essential connectivity becomes to maintaining productivity. Here are just a few ways that a poor connection can affect your business:

  • Reduced productivity due to wait times
  • Stress caused by slow speeds
  • Slowness during peak activity hours
  • Greater reliance on other technologies such as phones
  • Weaker collaboration

Fortunately, all these issues can be solved with the right business broadband provider. A connection that matches your team’s needs means that you can achieve a lot.

  • Keep things running smoothly
  • Help your team work together more efficiently
  • Optimize company communication
  • Minimize stress with fast feedback
  • Improve your bottom line with greater productivity

Compared to the benefits of a stronger connection, the cost of upgrading is marginal. Furthermore, the cost of not upgrading may be significant. Fortunately, getting the best business broadband is easy.

Finding the Right Business Broadband Solutions

There is more to a business broadband provider than just connection speed. You also want a partner who will support your team’s success. Portland Broadband is a business broadband solutions provider built for modern companies.

Our solutions include fiber internet connections with lightning-fast speeds and ample bandwidth. If your team is taking advantage of cloud computing, our business broadband can help you maximize your productivity. Explore Portland Broadband’s fiber circuits and regular cable circuits to learn how we can empower your team to achieve more.