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Are you on the hunt for a small business phone system? Making the right choice means asking the right questions. Today, we’ll go over three big questions to discuss with your phone provider as well as internally within your company.

Is a VOIP system or a landline best for me?

There are positives and negatives to both, but the most important decision factor is how your businesses will use your phone system.


Landlines, which operate using traditional phone lines, can be a great option for businesses that:

  • Have very simple, basic phone needs or have a large enough IT department to maintain a big landline system
  • Don’t use the internet or don’t have a reliable connection
  • Have the budget for higher installation costs and more expensive hardware (depending on how many phones are needed)


VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone systems operate using the internet. Many businesses are now choosing VOIP systems because of the several advantages they have over landlines, which include:

  • More advanced and more flexible features (such as computer integration, automated attendants, easy conference calling, and more)
  • Easier setup with lower installation costs
  • Convenience (all you need is a good internet connection)
  • Mobility (you can access your phone system on the internet from any device)

We focus on VOIP phone systems at Portland Broadband, and recommend them as the best option for most small businesses.

How can I make sure my phone system is reliable? phone headset

No one wants to deal with phone problems in the middle of a busy workday. If an issue does arise, it needs to be addressed quickly so you can get back to business. There are two key things you can do to make sure your phone system is reliable:

First, work with a phone provider you trust. Can you rely on your phone provider to respond quickly if you reach out with a concern? Will a real person be available to answer your questions? Choose a provider who is honest, straightforward, and available when you need them. Working with someone local can also be helpful.

Second, if you’re using a VOIP system, make sure your internet connection is solid. VOIP phone systems are as reliable as your internet connection. That makes them extremely reliable if you have good internet. If your internet is spotty or you have a weak connection, troubleshooting or even upgrading your internet service will greatly improve the functionality of your phone system.

Does the phone system have all the features I need?

Most businesses rely on some kind of phone system to operate. The question is, what specific capabilities do you need?

At Portland Broadband, we offer high-quality, straightforward VOIP phone systems for small businesses that need a simple, flexible solution for daily phone needs.

For businesses with more complex requirements, we offer custom phone systems, which we build on a case-by-case basis to meet each business’s needs. These could include conference call capabilities with screen sharing, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and email integrations, and much more.

Your Business Comes First

In our experience, it’s best to start with your business’s needs and then choose or build a phone system from there. If you have questions about VOIP phone systems or how we can help your business succeed, contact us today.