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With the pace at which technology is moving and the many ways in which it’s changing, you may wonder what tools and tech you should continue using in your Portland-based business. When it comes to your phone system, you’re better off not only keeping a phone specifically for your business but using a business VoIP phone service. Here we will break down why your organization should still use a phone system.

Desk Phones Are Just As Advanced As Smartphones

It’s true that you can check your email, download map directions, order food and manage your bank account all on your phone, but office phone systems have become just as versatile. Maybe you’re someone who doesn’t like to be stuck behind a desk. Know that you can use a wireless headset and sync it to your business phone so you can take phone calls anywhere in your office building. Do you use Skype? There are commercial phone systems that let you connect to your Skype contacts. You can even speed-dial other people in the building if you’d like to talk to them from a different room.

A Good Phone System Can Build and Maintain Your Business Image

Don’t just assume you can stop asking, “Where are business phone service providers in my area?” because you feel you don’t really need a phone system. Think about your business image. How your business communicates and connects with customers and clients impacts how they view you. Depending on your target audience, some of your customers or clients may frown at the fact that they can’t reach you by office phone. Even if you currently have a business phone system, it could be outdated and reduce calls to echoing static, or even drop more calls than it picks up. Keep all your customers happy and improve your image with a fully functioning phone system.

Phone Features Can Help Boost Employee Morale

You may not think of commercial phone systems as a great way to help your employees feel good about themselves, but it’s true. Let’s break it down. Employees young and old often have trouble figuring out how to work an office phone. You can install a phone system and train them in how to do the basics:

  • Add a third caller
  • Transfer a call
  • Put someone on hold
  • Set up voicemail

This is a good way to give your team a sense of accomplishment, which can carry over to other areas of their job. To reduce the chances of dropped and disconnected calls, encourage your employees to explore all the phone’s new features, some of which they’re sure to discover can make their jobs easier.

Your Phone System Should Grow With Your Business

You may have a small business now, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have a medium or large business in the coming years. While you may have ideas of when and how you’ll grow, there are no guarantees. What’s great about having a phone system for your company is that it can be customized to grow with your most current business needs. This means you can set up your system without worrying you’ll outgrow it in a year or less and need to start all over again. Or maybe you work in an industry that fluctuates up and down. Not to worry; your phone system can shift along with your needs.

Keep Your Business Life Separate From Your Personal Life

Not every business leader or owner likes to receive calls at all hours of the day and night, even (or especially) when at home rather than in the office. Having a phone system and phone number specifically for your business means you have an easier time keeping your business life and personal life separate. No matter how devoted you may be to your company and customers, having some time to yourself where you don’t have to think about or deal with work could be key to your mental health. Never underestimate how essential the right phone and system are to helping maintain balance.

Now that you understand more about how great of an idea it is to have a business VoIP phone service, you could be interested in setting one up in your Portland office. Contact us here at Portland Broadband to learn more about our phone solutions.