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Broadband Internet Services

We offer a variety of broadband options from fiber to standard Comcast circuits

Phone Solutions

We offer a nice range of fully customizable phone solutions

We take the work out of upgrading your business phones and broadband internet.

Whether you’re moving, growing, or fed up with your current systems we have the expertise and broadband solutions for your business. Staying connected to your clients, vendors, and employees has to be easy and intuitive and our systems will bring you to the cutting edge without having to cut the budget elsewhere.

We offer two business phone solutions in Portland, Oregon. If you’re looking for a easy solution with many of the top requested functions and only a handful of lines, our small business phone solutions will work for you. If you’re in need of all the features, many lines, multiple locations, and complex installation, our custom phone solutions will get you everything you need and in budget.

When it comes to internet in Portland, we know all. Our broadband solutions cover a wide range of businesses from a one person entrepreneur all the way to large software and technology businesses who live the world wide web. For most businesses our regular cable circuits will provide all the speed and reliability that you need. If your organization needs blazing fast upload and download speeds ( up to 1000 MBS) our fiber circuit solution will ensure your team never has to call the IT team…at least not because the internet isn’t working.